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STIDS 2014

Michael Dean
August 7, 1961 - November 19, 2014


The Michael Dean Best Paper Award was established in 2014 in recognition of Michael Dean’s many and diverse contributions to the STIDS community. We are gratified that Mike was aware that an annual award was being established in his honor, and deeply saddened at his passing one day prior to announcement of the winner. This year, at this sad moment, the award carries special meaning, both for the winner and for the entire STIDS community.
In selecting the winner, the committee sought to highlight the qualities that made Mike such an asset to the community. The criteria for selection exemplify the very best contributions to the conference and the community.
To this end, the Michael Dean Best paper is the paper that, in the judgment of the award committee, best satisfies the following criteria.

  1. Conveys a clear, careful understanding of the problem or issue being addressed, and clearly states why it matters.
  2. Conveys a thorough understanding of technical issues, and a well-grounded, pragmatic view of prior and related work.
  3. Clearly identifies the specific semantic technologies being discussed, and their relationship to the problem.
  4. Identifies specific experience or expertise on which the paper and its conclusions draw.
  5. If a semantic system or application is being presented as part of a solution, clearly identifies and communicates the components of this system, including any ontologies, and how they interact, as well as their degree of actuality, availability, maturity and source.
  6. Identifies whether and how such system/ application/ components have been evaluated and with what results.
  7. Identifies outcomes, experiences, and lessons learned.
  8. Demonstrates prioritization of greater technical and domain understanding and problem-solving over self-promotion, organization promotion, partisan or programmatic scorekeeping, or other, narrower concerns.
  9. Demonstrates knowledge of prior and current art, strengthens such knowledge in the community, and promotes better understanding by sharing the rationale for choices, especially when they diverge from common practice.
  10. Demonstrates and strengthens the state of the art of Semantic Technologies via the quality of the work described. Provides promising ways forward while negotiating known trade-offs and avoiding known pitfalls. Helps more junior technologists avoid repetition of old errors, and provides more senior technologists with new insights.

The winner of the award was announced at a special session on the last day of the conference.

  • 2014 Michael Dean Best Paper: Daniel L. Costa, Matthew L. Collins, Samuel J. Perl, Michael J. Albrethsen, George J. Silowash, Derrick L. Spoone. 2014. An Ontology for Insider Threat Indicators Development and Applications.
  • First runner-up: Alessandro Oltramari, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Robert J. Walls, Patrick McDaniel. 2014. Building an Ontology of Cyber Security.
  • Second runner-up: Robert C. Schrag, Edward J. Wright, Robert S. Kerr, Bryan S. Ware. 2014. Processing Events in Probabilistic Risk Assessment.


The best paper award committee is formed by contributors of the STIDS community that are not only recognized experts in the field, but who also have no involvement or conflict of interests with the authors of the papers accepted for publication at the Conference. The STIDS 2014 Michael Dean Award committee is formed by the following members:

  • Leo Obrst, Mitre Corporation (Chair)
  • James Hendler, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Ian Horrocks, University of Oxford
  • Dave Kolas, Raytheon BBN Technologies
  • Amanda Vizedom, Criticollab, LLC

Last updated: 05/28/2015